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Fic: Plan C

Title: Plan C
Word Count: 5800
Rating: R (language)
Characters: Dean, Sam
Genre: gen, h/c, hurt!Sam, hurt!Dean
Warnings: refers to events up through 7X11.

Author's Notes: This is based on the following commentfic prompt on ohsam: Sam has food poisoning. Dean's trying to take care of him, but Sam keeps seeing Lucifer telling him that Dean's the one poisoning him, making him sick. As he gets weaker from being sick, he has a more difficult time resisting the hallucination.

Enormous thanks to my beloved beta reader, callistosh65. Thanks to embroiderama for the awesome prompt!

Summary: Dean knew his brother had been holding onto sanity by the skin of his teeth….or by the skin of his poor, abused palm.

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