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Episode bliss and 'help me, I'm a little lost...'

Okay, I posted last night, asking for reassurance because I have been trying so hard to preserve my love for this damn show, despite season 8's dogged persistence in persuading me otherwise....I only want to watch episodes that I will love. Or like an awful lot.

Cut for gushy spoilers and questions for anyone who has actually watched the first half of the season. Because I'm a little lost....

So I liked that. A lot, an awful lot. I kept rewinding every time Dean said, "Sammy." Did you notice he said it again and again and again?

And that music. That little sad dirge. I think of it as Season 2 mood music and vaguely associate it with Sam's first death, which was the high point in any fandom I've ever been in, ever. I don't know if they played that music in Cold Oak and Dean held Sam's body that night, but they should have. In every sad scene I've ever written for the show, that music has been playing.

This really did feel like my show again.

I watched almost nothing of the first half of the season but now I'm at least a little curious. Do you think Carver had a grand plan, or do you think he was simply cleaning up the mess that was the end of season 7? Is there anything I really need to know about what happened before, or can I just jump in? I know Sam chose Dean, and Dean chose Sam.

Do I need to know more? I don't really understand anything about the tablet, Kevin, or God.

Or Cas. What did happen to Cas? I read about angel lobotomies....

Good Lord, this show is going to kill me yet!

Tags: ep-reaction, supernatural
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