debbiel66 (debbiel66) wrote,

Deep. Deep Breath.

Spoilers for tonight's episode and spoiler-less speculation under the cut.

Wow. I sort of feel emotionally numb. I feel like that was a really, really good episode but I can't be sure until I watch it again, and I'm honestly not sure I'll be able to watch it again until our five week purgatory is up. (Christmas?? Bah!)

But yeah.

So many gorgeous moments. Sweet. Bittersweet too but mostly sweet. I love how this episode made it absolutely clear that Sam and Dean were the best things that Bobby ever made of his life. His childhood was literally able to be buried because HIS BOYS gave him a second chance.

I am not going by any spoilers - I actually don't have any, so this is just speculation - but I'm guessing that Bobby won't leave them. Won't go into the light and won't be gone. Maybe just a little brain dead.

I think (hope! pray!) that Bobby will be in a coma for the rest of the season, only to come back in one of the last episodes of the season.

Somebody else feel this way but me? Please! Anyone? I need some reassurance, sniff.

Five. Weeks.

I've got some stories to write.

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