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Oh. Oh wow.

Well that was different than last week. Spoilers for 7X09 but no spoilers for preview please.

So, I'm kind of stunned. I wanted different after last week, and that's what I got. This episode did what Supernatural does best - set us up, suck us in, jerk a tear or two, make us think it's going one way, and then go for the kill-shot.

I will definitely be watching this one again, but for now, I'm just kind of reeling from first impressions. Bobby being so awesome, from the first scene to the last.... Calling them "little grubs." He loves them so much. In some ways, more than John did I think - maybe cause he really knows them. I really, really hope they don't kill Bobby, but with this show, you never know. They killed John, they killed Cas.

So yeah. Wow.

The writing in this felt really tight. Humorous without trying so hard. Surprisingly touching. Bobby's conversation with Sam and then his subsequent conversation with Dean about tore my heart out. And in this episode, that's as literal a sentiment as I can come up with. Lots of hearts being torn out, ranger parts, cat's heads....this show.

Sorry for the stream-of-consciousness. Kind of thinking as I go. Anybody else? What did you think of this one? To me, it felt like last week's episode never happened...a very, very good thing.

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