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Third title I've tried so far....

I keep changing the title for this post, probably because I'm not sure what to do with this episode....

I've already tried "Hmmm...." and "huh..." and "eh" but none really seem to sum it up.

Spoilers for 7X8.....

Definitely my least favorite so far. I have never really liked Becky episodes, and I definitely wouldn't be re-watching her scenes again. Glad they didn't take it as far as they could have, but it was just kind of.... uncomfortable. And not in the gut-clenching what will happen next good sort of way. More in the "god, please redeem this somehow way." So yeah, I'm going to pretend it didn't happen.

So if I ignore all the Becky parts, what does that leave me? About 11 minutes, give or take. And I really, really liked those 11 minutes.

I like the episode for what it added to canon: "Sammy" in Dean's phone, the annual Vegas tradition, Sam's grin at the end - oh those dimples! Dean's worried little face. Who is he if not Sam's big brother?

Of course, my problem is that I want him to ALWAYS be Sam's big brother, but maybe it's good it's in a healthier way. Less of "Sam is the burden I must bear" and more of "Sam is the best thing in my life" sort of way. And of course I want Sam to feel the same way about Dean.

What I am enjoying most about this season is that they actually seem to LIKE each other again. They have always, always loved each other. But the liking each other, wanting to hunt together, being amused by each other.... all that feels kind of new and kind of tender.

And that's what I would watch those 11 minutes for, remote firmly in hand.

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