Episode bliss and 'help me, I'm a little lost...'

Okay, I posted last night, asking for reassurance because I have been trying so hard to preserve my love for this damn show, despite season 8's dogged persistence in persuading me otherwise....I only want to watch episodes that I will love. Or like an awful lot.

Cut for gushy spoilers and questions for anyone who has actually watched the first half of the season. Because I'm a little lost....

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Can it be...?

Was tonight's episode actually another good one? I haven't watched it yet...have been doing my Season 8 lurk instead. It sounds really, really weird, but I've actually been incredibly protective of SPN's place in my heart, which is why I'm choosing to skip meh episodes entirely. my fannish heart safe?

No spoilers needed. Just your honest opinion. :)

(Also LJ's 'post an entry' form has changed, has it not? I hate change!)

Resurrected John! I'm writing again!

I am only posting this as a way to commit myself to actually writing a story, finishing it, and posting it sometime this week. It has been soooo long. Honestly, I just have not felt any stories left in me and kind of wondered if maybe every person has a certain number of stories to tell, and once they're done, that's it.

That would be so sad.

But I started a new resurrected!John story, and I've hardly got anything, but I can hear John's voice in my head, and it is the best kind of rush to put words to paper - or computer screen - again. I am pretty sure it's silly to continue with a verse that is not likely to be remembered but's a story! :)

So, here's to hoping I actually pull this off in my last week of summer....