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About a Boy

Loved the heck out of that one. This spoiler-free/expectations-free thing occasionally pays off big time!


That was....so good...I can't even.

Huh, so Supernatural....

It's really working for me again. Who would've thought....?


After watching last night's SPN episode. I'm remembering now. (((brothers)))
Okay, I posted last night, asking for reassurance because I have been trying so hard to preserve my love for this damn show, despite season 8's dogged persistence in persuading me otherwise....I only want to watch episodes that I will love. Or like an awful lot.

Cut for gushy spoilers and questions for anyone who has actually watched the first half of the season. Because I'm a little lost....

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Can it be...?

Was tonight's episode actually another good one? I haven't watched it yet...have been doing my Season 8 lurk instead. It sounds really, really weird, but I've actually been incredibly protective of SPN's place in my heart, which is why I'm choosing to skip meh episodes entirely.

So...is my fannish heart safe?

No spoilers needed. Just your honest opinion. :)

(Also LJ's 'post an entry' form has changed, has it not? I hate change!)


It's back! Oh, my show.

I finally watched an episode.


I want to watch it again.

Enough said.

(Maybe I'm back too)

Resurrected John! I'm writing again!

I am only posting this as a way to commit myself to actually writing a story, finishing it, and posting it sometime this week. It has been soooo long. Honestly, I just have not felt any stories left in me and kind of wondered if maybe every person has a certain number of stories to tell, and once they're done, that's it.

That would be so sad.

But I started a new resurrected!John story, and I've hardly got anything, but I can hear John's voice in my head, and it is the best kind of rush to put words to paper - or computer screen - again. I am pretty sure it's silly to continue with a verse that is not likely to be remembered but hey...it's a story! :)

So, here's to hoping I actually pull this off in my last week of summer....

I don't know, I don't know....

Having major angst about whether or not to watch the season finale until like maybe...October. Can anyone advise me?

Vague spoilers, if at all possible, although I think I've already spoiled myself aplenty!

Also, I've started a new resurrected!John story, so there is that.

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Any White Collar (or Glee fans)...?

If there are, then I'm sure you've already seen this, but I have probably contributed a couple dozen of the already over one million hits to this after it was just released.

I actually dreamed about this. Guh. How is it fair that Matt Bomer looks and acts like that and also sings???

Here to share and for my convenience. ;)

Damn show...

Supernatural is my damn show, and I can be mad at it, but I'm not breaking up with it, no matter how many times it breaks my friggin heart.

Spoilers for 7X18 under the cut. And lots of thought-process rambling.

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Making A Life

Title: Making A Life
Author: debbiel66
Characters: Dean, Sam, mentions of Bobby
Word Count: 5800
Genre: gen, h/c, curtain!fic
Rating: R (language)
Warnings: Spoilers through Spoilers through 7X02 and veering merrily into curtain!fic AU from that point on.

Author's Notes: This story follows Getting A Life in my Starbucks!verse. It would be helpful but not necessary to read that story first.

Summary: After taking one too many hits to the head from the Leviathan, Sam is diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and he and Dean give up hunting. They’ve made a life for themselves, with Dean taking a job at Starbucks to pay the bills and Sam finding ways to cope with a broken brain and Lucifer still on board.

Yet, living a civilian life can be harder than hunting ever was. Especially when Dean has to work late, and Sam isn’t picking up the phone….

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Our show!!!!!!!!!

Cut for West Coast spoilers...

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Fic: Plan C

Title: Plan C
Word Count: 5800
Rating: R (language)
Characters: Dean, Sam
Genre: gen, h/c, hurt!Sam, hurt!Dean
Warnings: refers to events up through 7X11.

Author's Notes: This is based on the following commentfic prompt on ohsam: Sam has food poisoning. Dean's trying to take care of him, but Sam keeps seeing Lucifer telling him that Dean's the one poisoning him, making him sick. As he gets weaker from being sick, he has a more difficult time resisting the hallucination.

Enormous thanks to my beloved beta reader, callistosh65. Thanks to embroiderama for the awesome prompt!

Summary: Dean knew his brother had been holding onto sanity by the skin of his teeth….or by the skin of his poor, abused palm.

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Fic: The Ones Who Got Away

Title: The Ones Who Got Away
Author: debbiel66
Characters: John, Bobby
Word Count: 5100
Genre: gen
Rating: R (language)
Warnings: Spoilers through “The Girl Next Door”; however, the story goes AU from canon from Season 6X16.
Author's Notes: This story follows Onstermay, Clean Slate, Killing Time, and Backseat Driver in my resurrected!John verse.

Author’s note: In this ‘verse, John Winchester has inexplicably been resurrected and is trying to adjust to a whole new world and his ever-changing relationship with Sam and Dean. This story begins in mid-season 6, when Eve was still in the picture, and continues as an AU through 7X03.

I am so grateful to callistosh65 for being such a wonderful beta. And thank you to saberivojo for her loyalty to John and her reminders to me to give the poor guy a break sometimes.

Summary: After discovering the truth about Adam, John takes off, determined to rescue Adam on his own. Months later, he tries to re-establish contact with Dean and Sam, but their numbers have been disconnected.

There couldn’t have been a bigger red flag because if there was one thing he drilled into his boys, it was that you don’t cut off your lines of communication.

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Deep. Deep Breath.

Spoilers for tonight's episode and spoiler-less speculation under the cut.

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Oh. Oh wow.

Well that was different than last week. Spoilers for 7X09 but no spoilers for preview please.

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Third title I've tried so far....

I keep changing the title for this post, probably because I'm not sure what to do with this episode....

I've already tried "Hmmm...." and "huh..." and "eh" but none really seem to sum it up.

Spoilers for 7X8.....

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Like a broken record.... but.

I love this friggin' season. Spoilers for 7X07.

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